Hey everyone!

So here I go with my first blog on this brand new website.  I’ve written blogs before but they are long gone now as they were on my old MySpace page, which now ceases to exist (I hope).  So really I’m starting from scratch.  Again.  Here goes…..

If you read the “About Alexis” section (link at the top of the screen) you should be familiar with what I do for a living.  I enjoy teaching and I have found my own knowledge of the saxophone has improved as a result.  But a couple of years ago when I had finished work for summer I decided teaching wasn’t enough, I wanted to do something relating to my degree (Jazz Studies) so I started to compose my own jazz compositions.  As with most new ventures starting a brand new tune was difficult, especially as I had set myself the goal of writing ten tunes all together!  But somehow I persevered (surprisingly as I am the most impatient person I know) and by the following summer I had indeed compiled together ten original compositions – woohoo!  Why did it take me a year to write ten tunes?  I had to go back to work in the autumn!  Unfortunately my own project had to take a back seat as my attention was then turned to my day job, you know, the thing I have to do to pay rent and bills etc!

Jump forward to April of this year and, you wouldn’t believe it, I only went and recorded my tunes in a proper recording studio with proper musicians!  It was a very exciting and successful day and one I hope to re-live many times in the future.  The guys playing with me were Al MacSween (piano), Emlyn Vaughan (bass) and Kris Wright (drums) who made the day for me really.  Those three have so much talent amongst them you would just be in awe of them when you see them play.  A massive thank you to those three, plus Alistair Maclaurin for recording and engineering the whole process.  Bringing it right up to today I have now got the final mixes back from Alistair and this week I had some lovely photos taken by my new and talented friend Gavin Freeborn.  My other talented friend, Eve Fayle, helped with making me look presentable for the photos!

So.  That’s what I’m up to at the moment.  Pretty busy, huh?  It ain’t over yet, I’ve got to master the tunes, get the album art work done, get copies of the album done and many other things I’m sure I’ve forgotten but for now I’ll just make myself a cup of tea and chill out!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you found it interesting.

Bye for now!