I have to laugh at what I posted on the home page of this website; I wrote that this was an “up-to-date” blog but the last entry was in July, which is a shocking six months ago!  As it’s a new year it may be appropriate to make one of my resolutions “I must update my blog on a regular basis”.  From today that is what I will do, along with my other resolution to be more assertive and motivated in all I do.  So what has been going on these past six months?  Not a huge amount but I did receive a rather exciting delivery before Christmas…

On Tuesday 20 December I became the proud owner of 500 copies of my debut album!  The final designs of the artwork look fab thanks to Oli Bentley and his team at Split combined with Gavin Freeborn‘s photos.  I haven’t had a chance to sort out a launch event yet due to me driving home to Newcastle for Christmas the day after receiving them but I’ll be right on it when I head back to Leeds in a couple of days.  Having said that, I have already sold twelve copies!  Yes, they were to family and friends but that’s still twelve sales.  This task of a launch event is the main reason behind my assertive and motivational resolution for 2012 as it’s about time I put myself out there as a musician.  Hopefully my calendar for this year will be filled with more gigs as a result of all the hard work that has gone into this project, not just by me but by everyone who helped in the making of this album.  Now would be a good time to mention all those who were involved:

Al MacSween, Emlyn Vaughan, Kris Wright (musicians and all-round top blokes)
Alistair Maclaurin and Barkley McKay for recording, mixing and mastering the tracks
Gavin Freeborn and Eve Fayle for the photo shoot and Oli Bentley and the team at Split for the artwork.
Joel Purnell for giving really sound advice on how to start, continue and round off the project, which isn’t over yet.
Finally friends, family and other musicians I’ve spoken to asking how the album’s coming along and when will it be ready, which has spurred me on to see this project through.

Here’s to a successful 2012 for everyone with whatever you do and I promise to keep you up to date on all I do.  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂