Hello to you all on this cold, snowy Sunday evening 🙂

So, how are those new year resolutions coming along? Have you quit smoking? Joined a gym? Consumed less alcohol? I bet you had the best intentions to be good for the next twelve months but for some reason they have fallen at the wayside. The challenge I set myself for 2013 is slowly turning into the equivalent of joining a gym and not going to it, so I have decided to do something to change that.

At Christmas I came up with the idea to compose more but wondered how I would go about doing this alongside teaching. I thought about writing a tune for each month of the year, to spread out the huge task of writing brand new material, but even then it is not quite going the way I had planned it. I do admit I have a lazy streak in me but I do not think that is the reason I am not reaching for the manuscript paper and jotting musical ideas down. It is because, just like everyone else with their resolutions, I am finding it difficult to get started. When I was at school and university I was made to write music as part of my course otherwise I would fail, but in the real world there are no deadlines and no one to show all my work to so the urge to do something disappears. I do not want to go down the path to find when 31 December comes around I have not one single tune I could happily take into a studio to record. So now I am asking for some help and advice, just like anyone who needs help to stop smoking or get fit:

How do you go about writing a tune?

Do you sit at a piano and play around with some chords? Do you have a motif running around your head? Is it all working on a bass riff you came up with by accident? I will be interested to see what answers I get because everyone will have a different method the next person. Please leave a comment below on your methods of music writing and I hope there is one out there that suits me (please note I cannot play the piano; is that the reason for all the above?!)

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your responses.